Andrea Valle


About Me

Andrea Valle grew up in an African-American+Puerto Rican household in Philadelphia, singing in church and excelling in art classes.

These days, Andrea writes and produces songs, plays guitar, and models on the side. Her early interest in poetry, combined with encouragement from high school friends, led Andrea to focus on music, a path she’s been on ever since.

It’s fitting that her new EP, Lovergirl, is an upbeat evolution of her soulful sound, and also showcases her production talent for the first time along with collaborations from BNYX, Nicky Davey, Josh Crocker, and SVRRENDER. Now 23 years old, Andrea worked on Lovergirl for just over a year, in between Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles.

“I’m a lovergirl, a hopeless romantic, and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’ve learned that, if you’re going through something, just let it be free-flowing. Try to find the good in the bad and just have fun with it. I believe that heartbreaks are just hiccups that you come across, and hiccups don’t last forever.”

Listen to her full length EP, Lovergirl, out now, everywhere.